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5 Stock Picks To Refresh Your Portfolio For Greater Alpha

Moving forward, UOBKH believes that a shift in portfolio strategy is needed to regain its alpha. UOBKH will re-position its portfolio by removing telco picks and adding REIT and small cap gems in a bid to achieve higher alpha.

4 Attractively Priced MY Stocks Immune To Trade War Risks

The Malaysian market is not only hit by negative sentiments from US-China trade tantrums but also the impending 14th General Election. US and China are both important trading partners for Malaysia and the electrical & electronic (E&E) appliances sector is also a major contributor to Malaysia’s export. Thus, the market is extremely concerned about the development of the US-China trade tension.

3 Stocks To Watch For Growth In This Quarter

In this article, we will feature three stocks in different sectors that investors should look out for in the upcoming results season. The stocks are in from different sectors, giving investors opportunities to ride on varying sectoral growth.
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Turnaround In Sight For These 3 Companies

When firms underperform, instead of scrambling to sell the shares that we have in hand, we should be asking if there was a fundamental problem that resulted in the poor performance or was it due to unfavorable circumstances. The key is to identify how long will the weakness in company’s performance last. In this article, we have compiled three stocks that may not have stellar performances in the past, but have the chance to turnaround in FY18.

SI Research: 3 Key Reasons Why Sembcorp Marine Is A Buy

Investors onboard Sembcorp Marine (SMM) has found themselves in murky water after the disappointing results for 4Q17. The net loss of $33.8 million recorded for the period must have surprised many of the market participants that were expecting slightly better results.


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